If You Build It, They Will Come

Since ShulShopper‘s launch on Friday, we have already had 1,000 visitors and 9,000 page views. Of those 1,000 visitors, 115 have registered as users, contributing among them thus far 80 congregations. I have received roughly 20 bug reports, which we are currently rectifying, the reports including several suggestions that we are going to implement as well.
Thanks to everyone for making our launch such a great success.

5 thoughts on “If You Build It, They Will Come

  1. Are you going to include the chabad database at and their events at ?
    “Next week we’ll be importing the databases of all the major denominations in the US”

  2. dear chabadnik incognito:
    if chabad wants to give me their chabad house database as an excel file, i’ll happily import it. since i doubt they ever will, the shaliachs can add their own houses to the db.
    also, shulshopper is not an events database.

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