Sifting through some things this morning.

I. Youth culture contains the germ of the European ideal, writes Tommi Laitio: but more needs to be done at the public level to cultivate the conditions in which it can thrive.
II. Interwar European literature represented the US as the quintessence of unbridled modernity that prefigured the destruction of Europe. Jesper Gulddal surveys the uncharted territory of literary anti-americanism.
III. An Interview with Cheb Abid, an artist based in the Negev.
IV. The Meshketians, a population of about 20,000 people, were deported from the Republic of Georgia by Soviet authorities in 1944. This past year, the Georgian government began to discuss their repatriation.
V. And finally, the Caucaz News Service reports on a Jewish community in the process of rebirth, in the Krasnaya Sloboda mountains of northeastern Azerbaijan.

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