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Slightly more than two zuzim

From today’s NY Times Op Ed Page
Jack’s House
By Hart Seely
These are the men
That fleeced the tribes
That paid the money
That made the bribes
That purchased the Congress that
Jack built.
It goes on at great length, like its inspiration, from there. Read the whole thing in today’s Times if you have a TimesSelect account and let me know if you can do the final stanza in one breath, kay?

One thought on “Slightly more than two zuzim

  1. OT but worth noting, from Daily Rotten:
    March 31 1492
    Ferdinand and Isabel expel all of the Jews from Spain. Even with the infusions of gold and silver arriving during the 16th century from the Americas, this is an act from which Spain never recovers. By expelling their merchant and banking class, Jews and Muslims, the country is left ill-equipped to process the new wealth, which ultimately winds up in the coffers of other countries and squandered on disastrous military campaigns.
    (The Daily Rotten piece does not go on to mention that the only competent doctors and artists were Jew and Muslims, so Spain was screwed that way as well.)

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