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Snow Shabbat's ripple effects

(Crossposted to Mah Rabu.)
Back in February, we blogged about how Segulah‘s and other Mid-Atlantic Jewish communities’ Shabbat plans were affected by what some called “Snowmageddon”. It turns out that that snowy Shabbat has had more profound impacts on one family. Go and read Washington lawyer Viva Hammer’s inspiring story about it, published in the Jerusalem Post.
Two lessons of this story (beyond the explicitly stated ones) include:
1) When we build communities, they can have powerful effects on individuals beyond what anyone expects.
2) It’s always a good idea not to be intimidated by the snow, and to let life (and Shabbat) go on.

2 thoughts on “Snow Shabbat's ripple effects

  1. Fancy rediscovering oneself in such extreme conditions! I take my sheitel off to to these intrepid women.
    i had to ask a friend to forward this story to me as JPost now levies a fee on readers in Australia.

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