So Busted

The Jerusalem Post does a number on a story recently published by Yediot on Haredi women who get cosmetic surgery, specifically breast enhancement, to help with the prospect of finding good shidduch. (Then gain, it was in Yediot, which isn’t exactly Haredi friendly, but still) What would Rav Tendler say? What would Mr. Weissman say? Can anyone draw the line as to what constitues a “chur sh’litzorech?”

Some Quips:

“For years I fantasized about having a breast enlargement,” says Orit, another satisfied customer of cosmetic surgery. “I was very flat-chested and after my first child, my breasts became deformed and completely emptied out. I come from a haredi family and I didn’t dare ask my parents to pay for plastic surgery, but, in my case, my husband accepted it.”

Cosmetic operations even have the backing of certain spiritual leaders, notably Rabbi Ovadia Yosef. According to sources close to Yosef, he was asked about the issue a few years ago and permitted them on the (mistaken) premise that they are not a danger to health and that they can help shidduchs and marriages.

In general, the haredi public is gaining awareness of body image, the sources say. “The [women] have subscriptions to health clubs; dress in the latest fashions; invest more than $1,000 on a sheitel; undergo plastic surgery, etc.

“This is a growing phenomenon. Rabbi Ovadia has permitted it openly and written about it, but many rabbis quietly permit it. Even men who reach marriageable age have cosmetic surgery.”

Full story here.

2 thoughts on “So Busted

  1. breast implants are permitted, not considered dangerous to health, but marijuana’s still forbidden? madness.

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