So much for your “All Arabs are Terrorists” theory

A group of Kalishnikov-bearing Iraqi Muslims came to the aid of Baghdad’s Jewish community last night when a group of marauders attempted to loot the local JCC. Of the incident, Ibrahim Mohamad, one of the Muslim defenders said, “The Jews have always lived here, in this house, and it is only normal that we should protect them.”

2 thoughts on “So much for your “All Arabs are Terrorists” theory

  1. I like reading stories like this.
    However, it does little to sweeten the taste of stories like that of the “The [Iraqi] National Library and Archives — a priceless treasure of Ottoman historical documents including the old royal archives of Iraq — turned to ashes in 3,000 degrees of heat.”
    Perhaps it’s being a member of the tribe of “the people of the book”, but the notion of thousands of years of Iraqi culture — extensive, ornate caligraphy, etc — going up in flames, is particularly abhorent and saddening.

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