Soferet Scribes First Torah

Aviel Barclay is about to become—as far as she knows—the first woman ever to scribe a Torah scroll. Kadima, a congregation in Seattle, Washington, has commissioned the 34-year-old Sofer Stam, Jewish ritual scribe, to write a scroll for them. The congregation searched for a female scribe for years before finding Aviel: The union of a woman Sofer Stam and Kadima may be history in the making.”

Ay, if they can layn it, they can scribe it too.

2 thoughts on “Soferet Scribes First Torah

  1. BS”D
    Shalom, Rabbi Dave – I would be very interested in researching your claim. There has been a team of rabbis, sofrim & academics working on finding & establishing any evidence of female Jewish scribes who actually wrote sacred documents, but we have found very little. Could you possibly share more information? We would all appreciate that very much. Perhaps we can re-establish a tradition of sofrot.
    Shavu’ah tov,

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