Some Things of Note

(Erika Davis‘s thoughtful and sobering video about tikkun olam, Hurricane Sandy, and whether Jews are just a lot of talk.)


2 thoughts on “Some Things of Note

  1. 1/ Why haven’t the Reform and Conservative movements attempted to, let’s call it, ‘outreach’ to Orthodox feminists? Do those 2 movements have too many members already? And its not like the Orthos haven’t ‘outreach’ed to the Reform and conservatives.
    2/ Does anyone have figures regarding the salary differentials arranged by ‘branch’? That women within Orthodoxy (especially Ultra-O’s) would be paid less is not surprising. That there would be differentials outside of Orthodoxy may be a different thing.

  2. The mini industry comparing the salaries of highly paid executives (in business and nonprofits) in various niche sectors serves mostly to DRAW ATTENTION from the immorality of massive gaps between rich and poor.
    Is it a shanda that more men than women get salaries over $500k? Maybe. but it’s far more of a shanda when the biggies get paid x10, x20 and even more than the lowest paid workers.
    In the interests of parity, let’s reduce the salaries of men; let’s not increase the gap between rich and poor in the name of gender equality.

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