Something Jewish happening in the UK

There is a new online Jewish culture magazine called SomethingJewish, and it is looking for contributors

[SomethingJewish is interested in] reviewers and writers who have an interest in Jewish music, from Klezmer to Hip Hop and from synagogue chants to Yiddish tunes, the new site will cover all forms of Jewish music with reviews, features and interviews.

Whether you are in Paris or London or New York or Toronto, we are keen to get local people to cover what is happening in their city.

If you are interested in writing for us (and also getting an opportunity to review), then send an e-mail to: [email protected] and also if you have some examples of your writing, please paste them into your e-mail.

Please note: At present we do not pay for contributions.

‘Rats’ to that last note, but if you don’t have your own Jewish cultural blog or website, this could be a fun place to get the word out. Doesn’t look like it’s as profound as Heeb, but neither is it as faux as Tikkun.

11 thoughts on “Something Jewish happening in the UK

  1. yes, as Mobius pointed out SomethingJewish is not quite new as we launched in September 2003.
    What the request we put out for was for a new section we are building for the site – World Jewish Music.
    best wishes

  2. Heeb is as profound as a (w)hole in the wall!
    The problem with Jewish music (or so I have found) is that ‘contemporary’ Jewish music doesn’t seem to be just that – I’m waiting for the day. I’ve searched for good music that doesn’t fit in next to liturgical, “world beat,” or ahem, Schlock rock. I want to be able to compare Jewish/Israeli music to what i normally listen to – on an even playing field – not give the Jewish music (a handicap) (i.e. it’s not great, but it’s Jewish! extra points!) I know there’s more to Jewish music than that. The issue of “What is Jewish Music” also needs to be examined. Is it music solely made by Jews, sung in Hebrew, Ladino or Yiddish, has Klezmer overtones? Does one have to be Jewish to sing about the Jewish experience? What about Jewish bands that don’t sing about that experience? Is that also Jewish music?
    Forgive any grammatical or comprehension issues in this post – Just got the wisdom teeth pulled as i’m on massive drugs – but I do mean the core of what i’ve just said.
    Band suggestions? Let me know. I’m already aware of Yidcore and The marching band.
    Some of my favourite bands: Neutral Milk Hotel, Divine Comedy, Saint Etienne, Lilys, Stephin Merrit, Palace Brothers, Notwist, Postal Service, Television personalities, Walker Brothers and Small Faces.

  3. Teri,
    No offense, but you’re really out of touch with the Jewish music. Maybe I’m out of touch with your Emo bands, because I haven’t heard of a single one of them. I don’t know what you like, so I don’t know if my suggestions are worthwhile for you. What I can tell you is that Jewish music goes WAY beyond the one-joke bands you mentioned, Shlock Rock and Yidcore.
    Note to other commenters: You don’t have to critique my choices, you can add your additional choices if you like.
    Additional disclaimer: I am a member of evën sh’siyah.
    Diaspora Yeshiva Band
    Moshav Band
    Aaron Razel
    Blue Fringe
    Evën Sh’siyah
    Rebbe Soul
    Yosef Karduner
    There’s a ton more, and there are new ones all the time.

  4. Again, I reiterate, I’m still waiting for a good Jewish band.
    No folk, hippy stuff. My list wasn’t emo in the least. Garage, Soul, alt.country, lowfi indie, Britpop and chamber pop.
    Bluefringe sounds the most promising. Any other bands?

  5. hmm…the ladies love Blue Fringe. I don’t know why you mentioned Shlock Rock and Yidcore if you knew about BF.
    Sorry, I don’t think Yeshiva boys listen to that kind of stuff for inspiration, so they don’t make that kind of music. Although, I’m sure if you looked hard enough you can find stuff closer to your tastes. I don’t know about it, because I’m not really into that.
    BTW, “garage” isn’t a genre, it’s just poor production.

  6. i dont listen to ANY jewish music but i borrowed a cd from my friend and yeah guys…bluefringe is the shizet! go velvel!

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