4 thoughts on “Somewhere On The Edge of Jericho…

  1. Now you never hear about Camel bombings, do you?
    The AP Reports,
    Three city blocks were shaken today in downtown Jerusalem as an Islamacide Camel Bomb erupted at 1:21 this morning. Residents of this otherwise quiet neighbourhood were found vomiting as they tried to clean bits of hump, hoof, and tounge off of their windows and walls.
    A young boy, with a head shaped like a football began to repeat the backstory he gave to his camel, but was silenced by a redheaded matriarch.
    Hamas, and off shoot of another Jew-hating organization, has claimed responsibility for this Camel Bombing. It is the third Camel Bombing this week to strike the suburbs of Jerusalem. City fire crews have been dispatched to assist the residents in their clean up.”
    And of course the follow up.
    Reuters reports,
    It was a tragic day in the town of Jenin today, as Israel retaliated for last week’s Camel Bombing. Today, Shiek Al Ackblak Mohammad was covered with honey and wild bears were then released into the town of Jenin. 26 children were frightened, and wet themselves.
    The UN has begun drafting a resolution condemning Israel’s actions.
    Socially responsible bloggers have begun petitioning both Canada and Russia in an attempt to restrict the importing of Brown Bears into Israel, as they lead to unnecessary death and destruction.

    Wouldn’t that be weird?

  2. Hey, is that that camel that hangs out around the “Sea Level” sign along the highway there? 😉

  3. Camel better not be messing with my mercedes SL! Or there be camel burgers on the menu for all Allahs boyz tonite!
    (How many horse power does a horse pull anyway?)

  4. Jason:
    I think you ‘news report is only a matter of time.
    I think camels have to be one of G-D’s less attractive creations, but this picture is definitely worth a thousand words, I just can’t find any to directly comment on it.

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