Speak up for asylum seekers in Israel on World Refugee Day

Join Right Now: Advocates for Asylum Seekers in Israel on today, World Refugee Day, as they campaign for the simple rights of refugees in Israel. They’re fighting against the Israeli government’s decision to imprison them in the Negev by the thousands. Instead, a Jewish nation built by Jewish refugees should permit them to live and work without fear of being deported back to war and persecution in their home countries.
Join the campaign, take a picture of yourself, and post it on their Facebook page.

2 thoughts on “Speak up for asylum seekers in Israel on World Refugee Day

  1. If they truly are asylum seekers, then they should have invoked their asylum claims in Egypt, through which most of them transited before coming to Israel and making their refugee claims there. Egypt is also a signatory to the same conventions regarding refuges and asylum seekers as Israel is. I suspect the real reason is that they are economic migrants or fleeing criminality in their own countries, neither of which are grounds for asylum claims. There is a difference between compassion and being a sucker. Don’t be suckers.

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