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Spitzer Ends WJC Investigation

The Attorney General Investigation of Rabbi Dr. Israel Singer and the World Jewish Congress over. In a statement released this afternoon by the WJC, President Edgar Bronfman indicated his satisfaction with the closing of the investigation:

In particular, the Attorney General thoroughly investigated and analyzed the transfer of funds that started this investigation. In the end, there was no evidence to support the central accusation that the organization or any individual had misappropriated, embezzled, stolen or laundered $1.5 million, which the WJC was fully entitled to earmark for pensions. “The World Jewish Congress is stronger than ever,” said WJC President Edgar M. Bronfman. “For 14 months, we worked tirelessly with the Attorney General’s office, providing unfettered access to our entire worldwide organization. Our transparency and cooperation revealed that we had nothing to hide.

According to the Attorney General’s statement, the WJC seems to be guilty of not much more than having been run like a Jewish Organization.

After an extensive review of financial records and interviews with dozens of persons, the Attorney General’s office concluded that the organizations lacked appropriate financial controls to safeguard charitable assets and failed to keep adequate records regarding their fund-raising activities. The investigation did not reveal criminal conduct.

According to the AG’s final full report:

“these shortcomings did not compromise the core mission of the WJC or American Section; nor did they impair the effectiveness of WJC. In addition, they did not result in defalcations or other identifiable losses of charitable assets.”

In other news, Singer and the WJC are filing a Libel suit in Tel Aviv District Court against Isi Liebler, whose accusations had prompted the whole investigation.

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