Squatters & Cops Face Off in TLV

Israeli rockers Weird Chicken bring word of an unsettling experience:

Last Friday there was a demonstration in Tel Aviv, supporting the Squatters from Dizengoff 43, and protesting the unnecessary violence used against our punk friends during the evacuation.

I filmed the protest, and there are some things you should see with your own eyes, including some more unnecessary violence.

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5 thoughts on “Squatters & Cops Face Off in TLV

  1. Well, for one, we didn’t break any laws or initiate any violence. Nor did we carry any weapons, or have any desire to participate in violence.
    That aside, I don’t think any of us say that there are certain people that should get beat up by the police. It just so happens that some poor punk kids were evacuated from their squat home overnight, and the police used violence against them. As friends of theirs in the DIY punk scene in Israel, we showed up to the protest, and unnecessary violence was used against us. I happened to video tape, and so I wanted as many people to see what happened to my friends.
    I’m not a radical left winger, if a left winger at all. I just videotaped an injustice.

  2. Daniel my brother
    how come you get all in a huff when left-wingers get beaten by cops
    but when i post about how disgusting sand niggers stoned a peaceful rabbi and his students who were subsequently blamed and beat up by cops you delete it?

  3. most right wingers btw are gonna just sit there like dumbasses when the puppets come to take their houses away, shows how much you know

  4. Mr. Terror,
    If you can call someone a “sand nigger” then surely you can’t object if someone were to call you a dirty jew. Better to avoid vulgar racial epithets altogether, yes?

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