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While Jon Stewart is certainly the most Jewy person on Comedy Central, he’s up against some stiff competition from his new network-mates: the boys of Stella. Michael Ian Black, Michael Showalter, and David Wain (the geniuses behind Wet Hot American Summer, a hilarious film about a Jewish summer camp in the 1980’s) are a three-stooges for a new generation. Although Stewart’s recent “The Jew Carry Show” was very salient.

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  1. Yes, Stella is funny. But Steward is kind of a lame ass. The writing is good, it’s funny, but his interviews are embarrassing to watch, and then you get the impression that he thinks he’s smart because people don’t point out that he’s kind of a lame ass, which is annoying. Also, he is always down on the US, even refernces our slaughtering of Americian Indians from time to time, but has never said a bad word about Israeli policy. I think people look at him, Paula Zahn, Wolf Blitzer, and others like them and listen half-heartedly. It’s just annoying that they don’t get that, that they’re not aware of how many people see them as just sort of whiney.

  2. Stewart is hilarious and more often than not right on target. The reason he speaks mostly about America is because it’s what gives his show its context, not Israel. (Althought the conflict there has been made fun of on a fairly regular basis.) Why shouldn’t he criticize his own county more than a foreign one?

  3. I remember him once referring to Israel’s “Saturday only Porkatorium”… Well anyway, maybe he doesn’t bash Israel very much, but the writers on that show sure know how to sneak a good Jewish joke into nearly every show!

  4. “…it’s not like anybody on American TV is allowed to question Israel’s right to do whatever the hell it wants. ”

    “This would be called “suspicious” if it was a Chinese guy telling you all to just back off the People’s Republic.”

    Is Jon Stewart part of a larger Pro-Israel conspiracy? Is he diliberately ‘dodging’ on Israel? Hm, sounds like an information-age protocols story.
    Of course, media bias is often in the eye of the beholder. I like to think that Stewart has divorced himself from the BS of the big networks. Certainly his appearance on Hardball should have announced that quite clearly.
    also: Fake News!

  5. Is Jon Stewart part of a larger Pro-Israel conspiracy?
    When an American is willfully blinded to the possibility that the Abu Ghraib photos might not have been faked by some anal sex obsessed America-hating liberal media Jews, and that American servicemen might actually do anything but heroism, is that “conspiracy”?
    As a matter of fact, is “conspiracy” on the part of the willfully blind American even implied by anything in that?
    What on earth are you getting the “conspiracy” part from, other than standard Zionist High School Stalinism?
    “They’re criticizing us, therefore they must be exactly like the most improbable and not-evidenced possible character. Mentioning Israeli crimes is the same thing as breaking a window or spray-painting swastikas. If you think the Shin Bet would torture someone, you’re simultaneously a Nazi and a torch-bearing Russian peasant.” And the whole charade just goes to prove the attacker’s irrationality, against the rationality of people who see ghosts everywhere.
    We would go so far as to call the new remembering of the Protocols “an information-age protocols story,” since they
    –did not even exist for the vast majority of the period of Jewish persecution by State Christianity in various manifestations and are worthless next to better explanations (which, unforgivably, “lump” Jews together with other persecuted peoples like Roma, Kashubians and leftists).
    –plenty of other, more logical explanations exist. Should you kill a tax collector, a foreign worker taking “your” job…or a complicated and self-contradictory spaghetti pile of nonsense any non-intellectual could see through?
    –were in a book, and yet inspired illiterate peasants…what?
    –are part of a larger pattern of people who write books for a living obsessing with the unproven power of books (and by extension, their authors).
    –It is simply too convenient that anti-Semitism could be explained, and at once taken care of, by one pamphlet so few read. (Similarly we seriously doubt that many Nazis actually read the very long and poorly written Mein Kampf, or that many Maoists, or anyone beyond gullible white college freshmen for that matter, read Mao’s Little Red Book. And as for Qaddafi’s Three Little Green Books…)
    Nobody who has actually seen Nazi propaganda can believe for a minute the preposterous notion that it was successful or influential in brainwashing people. The college-educated brats who talk most about brainwashing are people preoccupied with the cult of the advisor, the idea of power one step removed, probably because they would like to think they might be capable of such power. It’s like a pharmacist talking up the abilities of modern drugs or a politician growing teary-eyed at the possibilities of legislative reform. Granted, the protocols were used by the far less competant Czarists, but during a time of upheaval and terrorism.

  6. jesus. look, nobody talk to k&y, if you do they get all hissy and post for like a page about gobbledegook.

  7. the funniest daily show jew joke i’ve ever see was when hafez assad died, they did a check on the jew-ometer, which ranged from “wants badly to kill the jews” to “doesn’t want to kill the jews.” The late syrian president scored a “wouldn’t mind killing the jews.” good stuff.

  8. Anybody look at Stewart’s book “America”? Very funny; there was a pull-out chart of the “Shadow Government”, shows the different levels of gov’t, from city to state to federal, etc, and at the bottom showed that it was all encompassed by Illuminati Jews from the center of the Earth. 🙂

  9. Especially if it was a gay band. Just playing.
    Um. This question was asked on another thread, but no takers yet. Can someone just convert to Judism and then settle in Isreal.
    What about Arab (muslim or christian) Israeli citizens — can they convert to Judism and be considered Jews.

  10. Yes, I think that that’s okay. And it should be. Obviously someone like Madonna is desert people, and she has more of a right to lands that have been occupied by so-called Palestinians for the past 1200 years. That’s a long time for someone to be living on land that’s not theirs. Maybe you think that this is insensitive, but it’s not. There is indisputible evidense that G-d wrote the Bible (himself), so we should probably go off of his words, especially if it allows people to convert themselves onto beach front property. I did, however, come across an interview where G-d said he was going through a pretty bad relationship when he wrote the old testament, was drinking and smoking a lot of weed, but when he was asked that very question, the one that your’re asking David, his lawyer put the kibosh on the interview.

  11. I love Stewart’s recent coverage of Pat Robertson’s “patwa” against Hugo Chavez. (Also, I thought it my be relevant to this discussion to mention Stewart’s real name is Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz.)

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