3 thoughts on “Stick It to Ol’ Joseph Smif

  1. Certain Muslims would like to kill me and my daughter. Certain Mormons would like to add our names to some kind of list somewhere, after we die, hopefully of natural causes. So….what should I be more worried about?

  2. ha ha! the baal shem tov? well sure, everybody wants him on their team. But wasn’t Hertzl baptized prethumously too?

  3. I really dont care if Mormons want to post-humously baptize Jews.
    There are benefits to a worldview which isnt as tolerant as the Left demands (e.g. mine). I believe that what the Mormons believe is a pile of hooey. Thus when they are baptizing my ancestors what they are really doing is a combination of talking to the wall and playing Barbie. This honestly doesnt concern me.
    I am far more concerned with those whose beliefs and actions affect my life and the life of my nation in the here and now.
    I honestly think that the Left is desparate to find a bogie-man on the right now that virtually all real anti-semimitism has migrated Leftward.

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