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Still with the Commies…

An interesting article in today’s harbatkinteachingTimes recalls the communist witch-hunts of the fifties in the New York City School system. One of the teachers mentioned in the article, who was forced out of the classroom because of his suspected affiliation with the Communist Party, was Sidney Harbatkin, seen in this picture obviously sharing some insidious communist knowledge with his young charges.
The interesting thing about the picture is that the students are all boys, and everybody is wearing a kippah. Anybody have any insight into what school this picture was taken at?

3 thoughts on “Still with the Commies…

  1. Great (?) minds think a like. I pored over that article when I saw it on, just trying to figure out what school it might have been!

  2. It was taken at the Orthodox Rabbi Jacob Joseph school, then on the Lower East Side. Now it has campuses in Staten Island and New Jersey.
    Sidney Harbatkin surrendered his license to teach at public schools.

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