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As many of you know, I used to work at Camp Tawonga for years as their outreach director (gasp! kiruv!) – consider this a piece of emeritus outreach. This is a lovely, challenging and exciting evening every year where you can meet people from far flung places straddling borders of conflict…with stories of everyday life and passion for change.

“Camp Stories”
from Oseh Shalom ~ Sanea al-Salam: Peacemakers Weekend
An evening of inspiring stories about conflict, about change – told together by Palestinian and Jewish youth and adults – women and men — Christians, Muslims, and Jews – from 33 towns “back home” in Israel and Palestine, and from America.
Hear compelling stories from the mouths of courageous Arabs and Jews, refusing to be enemies, crossing emotional and physical boundaries, listening, understanding and building relationships while discovering that “an enemy is one whose story we have not heard.”
Tuesday, October 9, 2007, 7:30 sharp – 9:30 PM
St. Mary’s Cathedral, 1111 Gough Street at Geary in San Francisco
Visual and educational displays – Middle Eastern refreshments

About Camp Tawonga
, the 2007 Peacemakers weekend , and the growing family of 14 North American camp programs for the Middle East public peace process

6 thoughts on “Stories from camp

  1. So happy to hear that the Muslims who are trying to murder me are not my enemies. Altogether now, kumbaya, my lord, let’s hold hands; kumbaya, oh peaceful ones, we all love; kumbaya, oh iran, love your views; kumbaya, iran, love your bombs!

  2. Amit, I have this tiny little hope that when those of the left are exposed to the absurdity of their positions, they will see the light and rejoin the rational. So I post in the hope that not today, not tomorrow, but in some future time the seeds I hav planted will result in a better world for all of us. In other words, I post as a public service for the benefit of humankind.

  3. That’s it. Ban him. He’s a troll.
    On a more serious note, I’d like to hear an explanation of how/why/when dialogue in the US will have an impact on Israelis and Palestinians back home. Is this just innovative camp programming, or a project with results on the ground?

  4. Incorrect- anyone trying to kill you is probably your enemy. Which at this point probably includes at least some percentage of the readership of this site. Why you insist that any event that involves talking to Muslims will lead to the deaths of Jews is beyond me. Have you never met a Muslim before? Or has Muslim you’ve ever met tried to kill you?
    That said, I think there is intrinsic value in people listening to one another, regardless of where they are located. Even if this event and others like it don’t have a big impact on the conflict in the Middle East, they make a difference for the people participating, which is certainly better than nothing.

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