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  1. That’s funny.
    It reminds me of the time when I came upon a textbook used by Christian “creation scientists” and this book claimed that the dinosaurs died out because the great flood was such a major change in air humidity that the dinosaurs simply could not adapt.

  2. Also if you read rashi he says the water was boiling so they would have died. SO why not the fish? because they werent like every other species of the time in immorality so G-d protected them.
    So despite the lack of knowledge it does makes sense.

  3. the Torah is a mystical text written by kabbalists for kabbalists –
    the kabbalists explain (Issac of Akko) that before ‘creation’ there were many ‘worlds’ (Sefirot – Seder Hishtalsholus) created and destroyed (Shviras Ha Kaylim) and that the world was infact 42,000 years old (Shabbatical Cycles) before Mankind, Aryeh Kaplan goes on to explains that before ‘Adam’ before Humanity ‘Time’ was God’s time in short 42,000 x 365,250 = 15,340,500,000 year old before ‘Adam’.
    See; Immortallity, Resurrection and the Age of the Universe: A Kabblalistic View – by Aryeh Kaplan.
    also ‘Genesis & The Big Bang – by Gerald L Schroeder

  4. I understand some of the fundies believe that purported aquatic “monsters” – like those at Loch Ness and Lake Champlain – are plesiosaurs or something similar.

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