Straight ghetto, son

“The term comes from Venice’s Ghetto in the 14th century. Before this part of the city was reserved for the Jews it was an iron foundry (getto), hence the name ghetto. Other etymologies suggested for the word include the Italian borghetto for “small neighborhood” or the Hebrew word get, literally a “bill of divorce.” From the example of the Venice Ghetto the name was then extended to the other ones. In Castile, they were called Judería and in Majorca, call. It is worth noticing that the gated Jewish quarter in Venice (the Ghetto), was an affluent part of the town inhabited by merchants and moneylenders. Non-Jews were not allowed to live in this ghetto, and the gates were locked at night.” —Ghetto in the Wikipedia

One thought on “Straight ghetto, son

  1. I’m not sure whether your posting of this excerpt is intended to be a cheer or a jeer, but remember what Wikipedia is: an “encyclopedia” written entirely by its readers–where any user can edit any page, in real time. If you like that page, well and good. If you don’t, go back and edit it, right now. (Wikipedia is chockablock with entries on Jewish subjects, any and all of which YOU can add to, edit or change. You can also add new articles to the encyclopedia. Go for it.)

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