Student Council Elections Palestinian Style

Several wounded including a French reporter when violent stone throwing clashes broke out between Hamas and Fatah students at Hebron University during student body elections.

The violence broke out following mutual allegations regarding deviations from the allotted time for political propaganda on campus. Hundreds of rival students began to hurl stones and sticks at each other, while Islamic Jihad student activists attempted to separate the groups.

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5 thoughts on “Student Council Elections Palestinian Style

  1. Just the mere fact that their are groups in the University who associate themselves with Hamas, Fatah, and Islamic Jihad…does say much for our future. There is so much inner curroption and choas within the Palestinian regime..how are they going to make peace with their “greatest enmies” if they cannot make peace with in themselves. This also goes for Israel and its idiotic dati vs secular battles….shtiot!! Grrrr Jews are so frutrating some times!!

  2. So this is the educated future of the PA we hope to make peace with?? They are violent against each other, how do we expect them to act any differently towards their enemies… THere is a Lesson to be learned here!

  3. Hah! This is nothing. During the 90s in Karachi (Pakistan), when the student body elections came around, gang warfare would break out in the city, literally… guns and all… many students died in the fighting. It’s much tamer know, thank God.

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