Study for the Seidenfelds

My sister L’via just sent me the following…

I am writing you on behalf of Philyss Seidenfeld of Teaneck who lost four of her seven children in a fire last year. The first yartzheit for the children falls out on Shabbat Parshat Zachor, March 11th, 2006. Philyss has asked that there be learning all over America and throughout the Jewish world in memory of and as an aliyah for the neshamot of the children. Please spread the word to your friends around the world so that Torah will be learned in the z’chut of these four precious neshamot in every corner of the earth.
The childrens’ names are:
Aryeh Lev ben Avraham, age 15
Noach Simcha ben Avraham, age 6
Adira Emunah bat Avraham, age 5
Natan Yekutiel ben Avraham, age 4
You might want to share how each of the children had a special midah. Noah was like his own name — simcha, full of joy and smiles, a loving and curious child. Adira was strong-willed and passionate. Natan was a Downs Syndrome child, but full of happiness and mischief. Aryeh Lev on his final day visited his elementary school to share with the students the importance of Torah learning and to urge them to appreciate the time they had and use it well.
Please set aside some time to learn Torah on March 11 and dedicate your learning to the children’s memories.
On behalf of Philyss and the Seidenfeld family, thank you very much and tizku l’mitzvot.
L’via Weisinger

One thought on “Study for the Seidenfelds

  1. Just to clarify:
    Do you actually believe that people studying Torah on March 11 will make the souls of dead children ascend to heaven?

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