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Subliminal enters Holocaust hip-hop market

Watching Subliminal’s new video, released today in conjunction with Yom Hashoah, I couldn’t help but ask the same question.
Isn’t one mediocre Jewish MC’s exploitative Holocaust tome enough? Or did we need one just for the Israeli market as well?
Don’t get me wrong, I think hip-hop can be an effective educational vehicle. But this track is just contrite and awful. And don’t even get me started on the video.

10 thoughts on “Subliminal enters Holocaust hip-hop market

  1. Miri Ben-Ari was great as usual, I thought. The song was mediocre at best, but the video was revolting. The dancing corpses? Seriously, what on earth were they thinking? That’s not artistic, it’s grotesque and insulting.

  2. I disagree. The song was distributed as a CD single for free in the Israeli high schools this past Sunday, with the goal of trying to get teens talking about the Holocaust and the issues it raises. I’m no fan of Subliminal’s politics (hey, I saw the movie at Limmud NY 2005), and I didn’t immediately fall in love with the song, but I’m glad that it exists. And after all, Wyclef Jean is on Subliminal’s new album.

  3. Crap or not, the message really falls short. Sure, I think it’s appropriate (and very Israeli) to remember not to let a tragedy befall us again. But to say that we’ll be waiting for the Nazis in a potential afterlife? How about doing something to stop genocide now, even when it does not directly involve the Jews?

  4. man does this dude ever suck.
    WAY past due for good Israeli MCs to get some shine.
    then again, let’s be honest: Israelis have always liked real cheezy music straight up.
    not even Rick Rubin could save this guy.

  5. It’s so bad it’s insulting.
    If this descent into the worst inappropriate and artistically embarrassing commercialism is what kids will associate with the Holocaust, that is NOT a good thing.

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