Submit your music for JDub's Summer compilation!

JDub Records is currently working on Volume 3 of our annual Rooftop Roots Mixtape. The mixtape features both JDub artists and other unsigned and international musicians making innovative Jewish music and cross cultural endeavors. 10,000 copies are distributed every summer at festivals such as Bonnaroo, at JDub events, through the JDub webstore, as well as to journalists, bloggers, and our favorite cafes and hang outs. Non-JDub artists featured in the past have gone on to sign with V2, Raptivism, JMG, as well as JDub.
If you define your music as Jewish music or yourself as a Jewish artist we encourage you to submit your tracks!!!
All submissions are being done digitally this year. If you are interested in having your music featured on Rooftop Roots III:
1. Check the instructions
2. Be sure to submit by Monday, April 16th at 5 PM EST
Looking forward to your submissions!

2 thoughts on “Submit your music for JDub's Summer compilation!

  1. go for it! feel free to send along to anyone and post wherever. we want to get the word out as widely as possible. thanks!

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