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Such a Nice Jewish Boy

Efrayim Diveroli
So, who is this sweet kid in a nice Jewish living room? Is it (a) the newest “Jewish Jordan” (b) the guy my sister went out with last week (c) the man hired to replace Rabbi Herschel Schachter or (d) an international arms trader?
If you guessed (d), you’re right. Efraim Diveroli is the CEO of AEY Inc., the arms company suspended last week for ripping off the Pentagon and endangering Afghani and American soldiers.
Nice to know that our yiddishe kopfs are being put to a good use.

6 thoughts on “Such a Nice Jewish Boy

  1. You seriously think this pisher and his masotherapist business partner was able to secure ammunition from overseas and then manage to negotiate a $300 million contract with the Pentagon? He’s just frontin’ for his Dad. That’s whose picture should be up there. This kid has no idea what’s going on.

  2. Not only are they being put to good use, but our philanthropic institutions take their money, and put *that* to good use. Yay.

  3. I know who these people are, trust me, his father might have got him into the business, but its the kid who made it the disaster it is now. These two haven’t spoken for a very long time.
    The real morons here are the U.S. Government for giving 300 million dollars to a kid.

  4. it’s yiddishe kop, not kopf, unless your speaking German. What can you expect from the am aratsen at Jewschool.

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