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Sue-sy Sue, I love you….

JTA breaking news: The U.S. Supreme Court upheld the right to sue employers for retaliating against employees bringing bias complaints. Lots of Jewish organizations signed on as friends for this one.
It’s a pretty important ruling, but I wonder how this works together with the inability to bring suit for employment discrimination after 180 days (e.g. you discover after five years, that you, a woman, make less than any of your male co-workers…but can’t sue because your first paycheck is more than 180 days into the past). Just curious, anyone find this kinda odd?

5 thoughts on “Sue-sy Sue, I love you….

  1. No, very important, i agree. Just the breathless ‘breaking’ part i thought was a bit off… yes, im pedantic.

  2. I work for a Human Rights commission. With us, you can bring a complaint as long as you’re within 180 days of the most recent harm. There’s a question about whether we can enforce back pay for harm which is more than 180 days in the past, but if we find substantial evidence in a case, it is often offered by the employer as a remedy.

  3. Oh, as long as you’re a pedant, it’s okay. I like pedants. I happen to occasionally indulge myself that way too, although I usually stick to grumbling about people who confuse mass and sortal terms.

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