Suha Arafat: The Arab Anna Nicole Smith

The satirical Glossy News write,

For more than a week now, Suha Arafat has been playing two parts. First, the part of the soon-to-be-grieving widow of a mass-murdering Palestinian leader. Second, the part of a soon-to-be-inheriting over $500 million cold hard cash over a cold hard carcus, and somewhat grieving widow. She has played the second part much better than the first.

Since her secret marriage to Palestinian leader Yassir Arafat in Tunis more than a decade ago, she has been living in Paris on a $1.2 million a year stipend from diverted funds intended for schools, hospitals and “bomber bonuses”.

Now that Yassir’s choice of golden knocker is the one death’s door, rather than his wifes faltering wrinkle-bust, she is no longer satisfied with $1.2 million a year, and is trying to win the Arabic lottery – sole control of Yassir’s amassed fortune. Try saying that ten times fast in English or Arabic.

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