11 thoughts on “Suicide Bomb Free Flying

  1. “”I don’t take this guarantee lightly, I’ve been an accountant for the past 46 years and I can say without reservation, I have never once seen a Jewish operated corporation offer a full refund, not to mention, a no questions asked policy”, said McShane.”
    It was funny until I read that.

  2. I don’t get it. So, if you’re in mid-flight, and a suicide-bomber bombs your plane you get a refund? If guess that’s if you make it back to the ticket counter after your plane has fallen into the Mediterranean sea from 30K feet?
    Or does it mean if you have a ticket, and there is a bombing in the city you’re going to, you can ask for a refund?

  3. fortuna, i actually understand why these people were confused. onion and nytimes arent that different at times. for instance that was once an article about outsourcing catholic prayers or something like that.

  4. The Onion? I don’t think Jewschool is even close to The Onion nor would they have reason to post anything Onionlike.
    Who the hell reads the frickin Onion anyway?

  5. Oblig. south park comment: Thank you for flying shitty airlines.
    So besides the fact that The Daily Hog (anyone else ever hear of them) reported this, is there a press release to be found stating that El-Al will do this? And what of this Patrick McShane… “Let’s print an overtly stereotypical remark from this guy, make him seem like a shrewd businessman.”
    Uhm… fake maybe?

  6. it’s not jewschool that’s like the onion. it’s the daily hog. come ON, people. remove stick from ass.

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