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Sunday webcast: "Fundamentalism or Freedom?"

I find the coverage of recent conversion matters pretty interesting since most other impacts of church-state in-separation over there are also heavy-handedly controlled by orthodoxy. I mean, this isn’t new. Maybe it’s new that the orthodoxy is fighting itself, and that the Modern Orthodox are beginning to feel it’s impact also.
NIF just sent out notice of a Sunday webcast featuring Naomi Chazan, Gershom Gorenberg, and others to discuss varying opinions on what should be done, titled “Fundamentalism or Freedom?”

Personally I think the promo video is a bit tame — and much prefer the flash version:

Send it to a friend and register to view it online.

5 thoughts on “Sunday webcast: "Fundamentalism or Freedom?"

  1. The Flash is more like my current opinion of Eretz, Yisroel and why, until I hear otherwise, I will not make aliyah. It’s a Theocracy, not a democracy and no theocracy is EVER free.

  2. I hadn’t heard about the latest nonsense from the Rabbanut prior to checking this blog post. I find it typical, in any case.
    The flash pretty accurately sums up my opinions of Israel right now as well.
    Sure, the country is beautiful and I wouldn’t mind staying briefly if it was in Tel Aviv or one of the other more secular parts of the country, but I would *never* make aliyah unless the State gets its act together and disenfranchises the power-hungry rabbis it employs.
    Being a rabbi should be about studying Torah and teaching others what you have discovered and offering opinions when the halakha is unclear about something. The role of “rabbi” wasn’t invented for men to self-aggrandize and seize political power.

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