Mazal tov, mazal tov from all of us at Jewschool to JDub Records founder and director Aaron Bisman and his lovely kallah, Amanda Pogany, on the occasion of their wedding today in Rockleigh, NJ. It was a remarkable event (it’s actually still winding down at this very moment), and in attendance was a veritable “who’s who” amongst New York Jews. Here’s a glimpse of the magnificent action:

Seated next to Aaron Bisman and his father during the tisch,
Rabbi Daniel Landes invites Amichai Lau Lavie to address the crowd.

Rabbi Andy Bachman speaks before the bedekkin.

Matisyahu sings to Aaron and Amanda beneath the chuppah.

Gettin’ down shtetl style.

Frank London & The Klezmatics were the musical entertainment.

I’m sad to say this is the best photo I was able to snap of the lovely couple.
While Amanda looks gorgeous, I seem to have captured Aaron at an inopportune moment.

And last but not least, put yourself there with this 15mb Quicktime clip, capturing the prototypical moment of moments which screams “Jewish wedding par excellence.” (And get a load of who’s hoisting Aaron up into the air.)
A brocha they should have a beautiful future filled with light and love, health and happiness, and endless naches. Umayn!

6 thoughts on “Supersimcha!

  1. Matisyahu is hoisting the chair, among many other people. That first round of dancing lasted at least an hour, by the way…

  2. Live long and prosper!
    Aaron looks stoned in the one photo–how cool.
    The bride is radiant, ready to be pollinated on the wedding night. A rose ready to be plucked. (I said ‘plucked’–get you mind out of the gutter)
    I am sure a great time was had by all, a memorable day.
    My question remains: where’s the bar–and don’t tell this goy that it is in the mitzva.

  3. I was there, and the bar was through the door in the same room the bedekken was held. And the alcohol was flowing, but so was the love! Mazel tov, Aaron Bisman and Amanda Pogany!

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