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Surveys are the new gematria

* Sarah Benor and Steven Cohen are doing a survey on language and identity in which they’re cross-referencing your Jewish parentage/upbringing with how you talk Jewy. Click the link to download your lingo. (Speaking of which, I’m collecting ideas for an independent take on Jewish communal buzzwords and slang — continuity, affiliated, OJC — so send ’em my way.)
* Cohen’s last study about singles raised some hackles — but then again, all the comments on Haaretz are crazies. (Not like our well-behaved commentors on Jewschool…)
* Most Americans (and 14 of 18 countries) oppose taking one side in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, including Israel’s.
* 83% of Palestinians support the ceasefire, according to the June 18th poll Palestinian Center for Public Opinion.
* An Ir-Amim poll found that 78% of Israeli Jews already see Jerusalem as divided — and 65% of the Israeli public accepts an agreement that puts the Palestinian neighborhoods of Jerusalem under Palestinian control.
* Olmert’s sweeping speech about moving Israel-Diaspora relations away from an institutional focus on aliya to supporting Jewish education, culture and heritage outside Israel is supported largely by the Israeli public — especially younger Israelis, by 46% before public debate. Only 20% supported taking Diaspora opinion into account in making national decisions.

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