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Estimated American Jewish electoral turnout for Bush-Cheney’s reelection adds up to about 25%. Can Republicans ever convince a majority of American Jews that conservative policies are good for the Jews, let alone good for anyone else?
Jerusalem Post columnist Caroline Glick opines on “America’s Dark Side”:

First, why would the US ask for Israel to lower the level of a humanitarian aid delegation sent to assist US citizens in need? Second, why would the Bush administration hold up the arrival of assistance from a close ally whose government’s offer of assistance had been announced a week before? And thirdly, given the IDF Medical Corps’ enormous, hard-earned experience in contending with major disasters – man-made and natural – why would the Bush administration nix the participation of IDF doctors in the humanitarian assistance effort?

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15 thoughts on “Sweet Neocon

  1. This word “neo-con” is a bunch or horse sh@t no such thing its just a witch hunting slur against conservative or pro Israel Jews that far right wingers and far left wingers use at one time the term was “kike” then they used “Jew” and after “Zionist” lost favor “neo-con” the conspiracy theories of “neo-con” cabals kicked around by the likes of neo-nazis in red shirts like Juan Cole reminds me of the “elders of zion” pure dreck

  2. uberkvetcher – you obviously aren’t very well informed. Neo-conservativism is a very real and actualy political ideology. It was fathered by Leo Strauss, a professor from Chicago. You can learn all about him from watching the fantastic “Power of Nightmares” documentary. Neo-conservatives believe in such things as the democratic peace theory. They also believe in inciting increased nationalism to unify the people of a country and eliminate moral degradation.
    For more complete information visit Wikipedia.
    Once again I come to this site to find the only comments come from Uncle Leo.

  3. just because a small group of people like the philosophy of Struass my self included does not make a group Strauss was a neo-platonian critic and a post-modernist people have tried to lump every jew in the bush adminstration into a package of lies every nutball from Pat Buchanan to David Duke Claims that the US is controlled by “Neo-Cons” it sounds like you also most likely believe the illuminati and the masons control the rest of the world right?

  4. Uberkvetcher: Actually, many of these people called themselves neo-conservatives before the Bush administration got in office. So to say the label’s dreck doesn’t exactly hold much water. It began as a term referring to former liberals who changed to a conservative political perspetive. Now, whether you want to follow the whole Jewish / Leo Strauss conspiracy is another story.
    Some neo-cons have been influenced by Strauss’ philosophy. There are some in the Bush administation. But so what?
    Personally, I’m most concerned enough about the Bush administration’s policies without worrying too much about a neo-con conspiracy theory. There’s plenty enough wrong with that on its own.

  5. Getting back to Zionista’s point….
    Glick – who is usually rather clear-eyed about such things – seems to have lost track of the fact that the geopolitical game is primarily about vested interests, not ideology. In fact, America champions democracy around the world as much (if not more) for its own benefit – to stabilize the world situation, and open markets to its products and investors – as for any hifalutin values.
    From the start, American history and national mythology imitate and resonate with the Jewish people’s national myth – but sometimes we Jews get a bit tangled up in and confused by the similarities.
    America did the things Glick is complaining about because it is playing the geopolitical game to further its own interests as it perceives them. Expecting more is to insert idealism where it doesn’t belong.

  6. Ben-David,
    Is it not in American interests to promote mutuality and stability between Israel and the Arab establishments, rather than enable the latter’s ongoing rejectionism as Glick’s column suggests?
    Now, please don’t misunderstand. I actually believe that the Bush administration’s Israeli-Palestinian policy has been relatively positive. But to the extent that Team Bush continues to approach the overall Arab-Israeli conflict as a two-sided fight strictly between Israel and the Palestinians, it follows a similarly counterproductive approach that many of us condemn of most Western peace and human rights movements.
    Aside: “Sweet Neocon” is the title of a track on the new Rolling Stones album, A Bigger Bang.

  7. Dear uberkvetcher,
    For your information, both Zionism and neo-conservatism are real and clearly defined policies with a particluar objective, “usually” (read “always”) practiced by jews.
    If you are interested in the subject, I recommend you read what Torah jews have to say about Zionism at http://www.jewsagainstzionism. com
    Although a clear link between the Zionists and the neo-cons is hard to establish due to the “secret” [ 🙂 ] nature of their agenda, but to summarize both really come down to policies in support and “illegitimate legitimizing” the creation of the state of Israel. The only difference I really see is that by calling American foreign policy “neo-conservative” in majority of peoples’ minds that wouldn’t trigger a connection to jedaism and/or Israel, so in other words could be viewed as a publicity stunt.
    If you are interested in reading a little about the roots of the Zionism in the late 19th century and in the beginning of the 20th century, as well as their relation to the World War I and World War II, I recommend that you look into the personality of Samuel Untermeyer and his relation to the president Wilson of the time at http://www.historicist.com/unt
    Now, if you still think that neo-cons and Zionists are yet another way of calling a person a “jew” or a “kike”, then I would have to quote and agree that “the jews can’t admit of any wrong-doing”.
    Appreciate your time,

  8. Thanks for that pure nutrei karta im a imbread from the hills of transyvania dreck but as it stands almost half of the worlds Jewish population lives in Israel guess your toooo late

  9. Zionista:
    I think this was primarily a cosmetic, public-relations decision. The Americans are trying to effect regional change in the Levant. The decision not to feature the Israelis is part of efforts to line up as many Arab nations as possible, get them used to working with America – and this is a relatively non-politicized humanitarian issue that can be used to get the ball rolling.
    Look at how the Americans have handled the Egyptian elections with kid gloves and hopeful statements. It’s all part of efforts to cajole the region along.
    Yes, it’s true – we do have some experience in rescue operations. But (a) we have already given the Americans most of this during joint training and technology transfer leading up to the Iraq war, and (b) our help still is dwarfed by America’s own resources.
    So from the American perspective, it was better to soft-pedal Israeli aid to try and elicit some response from Arab states.

  10. Neither Dubya nor Truman nor Roosevelt nor any American president ever rode into Jerusalem on a white donkey. They all acted in America’s own self interest.
    I don’t worship Dubya. I think his reading of America’s strategic interests – and how America should get there – is better for Israel than his opponent’s take. But he is not acting on our behalf, or benefitting us out of the goodness of his heart.
    And thank G-d we now have our own sovereignty, and can act in our own self interest – just as soon as we pry the tail from between our legs.

  11. Ben-David,
    It’s ridiculous to hear jews like you talk. Maybe cutting security to taxpayers without touching Israel’s support ($6bn a year, cause fucking jews can’t make anything themsleves, only steal and lobby from others) doesn’t seem like a pro-kike policy to you, as well as making the rest of the world hate America which would probably result in SEVERE consequences isn’t in your opinion a disregard for American strategeic interest.
    Man, I wish Hitler finished you all…

  12. G-d is not even nutrei karta. The website he links to is obviously an neonazi front. It isn’t even preterist as it claims. It claims Jews declared war on Germany. Now this G-d shows his true colors by saying he wants Hitler to finish off Jews.

  13. Dame,
    Can for once jews stop twisting the subject by implying my anti-semitism and actually start providing some facts or is it too much to ask? When I hear some juice, then I’ll respond to your quote, but as long as it’s just some ADL-style bark, I’ll just leave you to talk to your buddies at the synagogue.
    I assure you that I’m willing to put aside my current opinions and have a conversation, as long as I hear something worth talking about.
    P.S. One of the websites I quoted is one by the Torah jews (yea, the same ones who cause troubles in Israel – there are some videos inside, so take a look).
    So long my little jewish pal…
    Don’t forget come see me at the synagogue. Maybe I can fix you after all 🙂 j/k

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