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Ta Shma Shabbaton

Ta Shma, one of Israel’s great pluralistic learning ventures is having a shabbaton in a few weeks. I got forwarded this invitation

Ta Shma invites you to a Shabbaton Friday-Shabbat, December 8-9, 2006 at Mashabei Sade
Jews, Religion & Nationalism: A Power Play in Three Acts
A textual exploration of power dynamics in Judaism and in the State of Israel

  • What models of power and weakness emerge from our textual tradition?
  • How do we negotiate the power of rabbinic authority in our personal relationship with God?
  • Does Israel’s image of strength derive from Jews in power or powerful Jews, and can that power be a weakness?
  • Why do birds suddenly appear, every time, you are near?

Using a wide range of Jewish sources, traditional and modern, we’ll explore these questions and more in an open, challenging Shabbat of textual learning, discussion and debate, spirituality and song, rest and relaxation – all in typical Ta Shma style. We’ll leave Jerusalem early Friday morning for a hike in the warm sun of the Negev desert, and then settle in for the Shabbat program. You won’t want to miss it!
With Ta Shma’s flavors of the month:

  • Gail Diamond, Reconstructionist rabbi
  • Joel Levy, non-denominational rabbi
  • Yael Unterman, Orthodox educator, author and bibliodramatist

Open to ALL ages, backgrounds and flavors of Judaism

Only NIS 200 for the whole weekend (scholarships available for full-time students and volunteers)
For more info on Ta Shma and our programs check out or email [email protected]

Also, for all of you in the Hebrew University world, this coming Tuesday night, from 6:30 – 8:00, there will be a Ta Shma event at Beit Hillel. It’s titled “Battle of the Books,” and it will feature Hanna Estrin, a Conservative Jewish educator, and Yaffa Epstein, of the Orthodox variety.

One thought on “Ta Shma Shabbaton

  1. that sounds wonderful.
    *jealous of people in israel who can go*
    last year none of the shabbatonim happened. ’twas sad.

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