9 thoughts on “Take That Mel!

  1. I’m torn. Love Denis Leary destroying madmax,but boy do I hate the red sox. Maybe we can get marc gellman to write an article lambasting my family’s three generation loyalty to the Yankees just because Youklis is Jewish.

  2. again mobi – why do you stick this in ‘antisemitism’ – everytime someone mentions ‘Jew’ you hear something ‘antisemitic’ – i don’t get it. Is it like your looking for a fight?
    “Hey are you looking at me?” – ‘no i’m not looking at you – but your nose did get in the way when i was trying to read the the specials menu.’ – “You looking at me you f*ing antisemite?!” – ‘I’m not an antisemite – you just got a big nose!’
    Please tell me why you think this was antisemitic?

  3. MaxK- Leary mentions Mel Gibson and Gibson senior about 67 times. If oyu look “antisemitism” up on Wikipedia there’s actually a picture of Mel Gibson.
    That was supposed to be a joke, but I’m looking to see if it might not be true.

  4. Nice- there is no pic of Gibson under “antisemitism” on Wikipedia, but there are a half dozen shout-outs.

  5. Yeah it was Denis Leary! Also with that guy Lucey from Rescue Me. I was watching the Sox play the Tigers yesterday (unfortunately we lost. Dammit!!) and he asked Jerry Remi what kind of name Youkilis was, and the Remdawg said “I believe he’s Jewish.” And then Denis Leary went off about how Jews and Irish are alike (“They have Manishewitz, we have Jameson’s”; “same guilt”) and began railing on Mel Gibson with that other guy. It was sweet. Way to go, Mr. Leary. and go Sox

  6. Tonight, due to illness, the part of Denis Leary will be played by Denis Leary. But seriously, Who do I hate more? Mel Gibson or the Red Sox? Maybe we can get Gellman to decide whether my family’s three generation love of the Yankees is anti-semetic.

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