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"Taking Back God" Event/Ticket Crunch

Leora Tanenbaum, author of the kickass new book, Taking Back God: American Women Rising Up For Religious Equality, is going to be moderating an interfaith panel at the 92nd St. Y on women, religion, and gender equality on Feb. 24th.
The panelists will be: Aisha Taylor, ED of the Women’s Ordination Conference, an org working for the ordination of women as priests, deacons and bishops in the Catholic Church; Pat Dunn, managing editor of Muslim Wake Up!; and Renee Septimus, a teacher and writer on Judaism and women’s spirituality.
It should be a pretty excellent program. The only problem? In today’s Brave New Economy, the pressure is on to sell a certain number of tickets by Jan. 18th in order to guarantee that the event will go forward–budget constraints and all. So if you’re interested, get your tickets now, here. If the event is indeed canceled, you’ll get a refund, so it’s a no-lose situation.
And either way, get the book, which is a great look at the state of women’s issues in Catholicism, Evangelical Christianity, Islam, and Orthodox Judaism–common threads, different/similar questions, and a whole lot of interesting.

3 thoughts on “"Taking Back God" Event/Ticket Crunch

  1. It should indeed be an excellent event, though I bet my mom would be non-to-pleased to be called “a JOFA-affiliated teacher” (though I guess she is in their speakers list). Mom’s a registered (and unregistered) independent when it comes to all things Jewish!

  2. Hi, Daniel-
    Thanks for the correction! I thought her connection to the Speaker’s Bureau was indicative of more than I suppose it is–will edit the post now.

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