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tee shirt goreret tee shirt

Me and travelling companion/Jewish hottie Bill Selig have decided to give our trip to Israel some purpose and have begun a photo essay that we know will touch you all deep inside, in that special place that only NFTY/USY/BBYO/ARTZA/Congregation Beth Shalom teen trips to Israel can. We are collecting images of great teen trip tee shirts, and the different ways that the young men and women of the Diaspora style those shirts. Below is our first great “get,” the rockin shirt of the Mexico City Artza trip. We caught these kids at JFK yesterday and hope to run into them at a historic site near you soon!
Artza tee shirts
I tend to wear my oversized threads knotted up on one side like the young lady on the far right but I always wished I could rock the cut off seams like she of the left side. Ah to be 15 again.

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