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Tell your Congressperson: Zehu! Enough with the Gaza incursion!

Don’t like how the Gaza situation is proceeding? Tell your government!
The death toll rose sharply today and the number of dead and wounded civilians increases as Gaza’s hospitals turn away amputees due to shortage of medical supplies and Israel’s humanitarian aid cannot reach Gazans due to the ongoing shelling and bombing. The international community’s denunciations of Israel’s refusal of two ceasefire offerings are reaching a fevered pitch. Israelis are beginning to lose stomach. And the US squashes ceasefire calls in the UN again and again.
Meanwhile, AIPAC and more far-right groups are lobbying Congress to make speeches supporting an unlimited and unrestrained further incursion. Statements of support for Israel’s right to defense are being bullied into promoting further violent escalation and one-sidedness.
Call your Representative and your two Senators (find them here) and tell them:

Hi, my name is [first name] [last name] from [hometown], [state]. As a Jewish constituent who supports Israel, I urge the Senator [or Representative] to call for U.S. leadership in establishing an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and southern Israel by all sides in concert with the international community.
If the [Senator/Representative] intends to make a statement about the crisis, I ask that it acknowledge the suffering and civilian injuries and deaths on both sides.
I very much hope that we see an end to the hostilities very soon. Thank you.

It takes 1 minute for each call. You can report successful calls to Brit Tzedek.
The progressive Jewish community has reacted with intelligence in the past few weeks — the four progressive orgs spoke with unanimity and coordinated action alerts to Congress and the President. No aimless and unproductive counter-demonstrations were called to waste precious volunteer resources. Strong statements in support of Israel but critical of her use of overwhelming force spoke to the middle ground of American Jewry.
Not interested in marching in mindless lockstep with The David Project, StandWithUs, the ZOA and AIPAC? Great. Now’s the time to do something about it.

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