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Telling Our Stories

The first time for me was probably when I was 12, on spring break with a friend, visiting her grandma in Florida. There was a guy in his early 20’s. He was pushy, handsy, went in right for the kiss and the grope, just like Trump. I was scared. My friend–who was right there, who he was ignoring–was scared.
Many, many of us have experienced sexual assault in some form or another. Many of us have experienced it multiple times, in multiple ways. Some of us feel traumatized, some not. Some were blatant abuses of power–bosses, mentors, donors.
We here at Jewschool applaud the brave women and men who have been stepping forward to tell their stories–about Cosby, about Trump, about Clarence Thomas, about Ari Shavit. About the guy on the subway. About the director of the play. About their rabbi. Their best friend.
We’d like Jewschool to be a space where people can tell their stories of sexual assault in the Jewish community. Name names or don’t. Include as much detail as feels right to you.
You can send stories to¬†[email protected].

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