Telos vs. Tahlis at Bowery Poetry Club

Ladies and Golems, I want to do a quick plug for a show coming up on June 5, here in New York. It’s called Telos vs. Tahlis: Identity Crises and Metaphysics a-la Carte. Featuring: the Mima’amakim Poets, Juez (jazz-klezmer breakbeat band), Sway Machinery (ashkenazi punk blues). Special Guests: Vanessa “Hebrew Mamita” Hidary (HBO’s Def Jam); Aaron Hamburger, author of the acclaimed “View From Stalin’s Head” (Random House); Matthue Roth, author of “NeverMind the Goldbergs” (Scholastic Press), and more! Check www.mimaamakim.org for music clips, poetry samples, photos and additional info. Also, to get the general idea of the gig, see Def Midrash Jam, last year’s mima’amakim show at Bowery.

3 thoughts on “Telos vs. Tahlis at Bowery Poetry Club

  1. mima’amakim is so freakin cool. i wanna follow you guys around drool. but june 26 yo i’ll be at camp, fool.

  2. I am jewish and I write poetry. I am a little worried that I might be too attractive to be a Jewish poet and that my humour is not self depreciating enough. Could you reassure me?

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