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Temple Faithful's Pesach Sacrifice Foiled

JTA reports,

Israeli police prevented the attempted sacrifice of a Passover lamb at the Western Wall.
A group of religious Jews led by far-right activist Itamar Ben-Gvir, lamb in hand, was blocked from reaching Judaism’s holiest site Wednesday.
They said they wanted to slaughter the lamb as part of pre-Passover rituals, but authorities said Ben-Gvir, who is identified with Jews campaigning to establish a Third Temple in place of Al-Aksa Mosque, aimed to provoke Palestinians.


4 thoughts on “Temple Faithful's Pesach Sacrifice Foiled

  1. I watched the Samaritans korban pesach this year– fascinating though it was (I did feel awfully sorry for all the lambs), I was really glad at my seder the next night that we’ve moved on to different forms of avodat hashem.

  2. To be honest it seems that if you are in the Old City on Passover – you’ve got a Biblical command to sacrifice a Lamb etc…
    the injunction is not just for the temple mount but the whole of the city of Jerusalem – which today might also include the new city too.
    – non-the-less I’m a “Messianic Jew” and beleive that killing he-lambs etc… is not what it’s all about – ultimately there will be an end to death – death of anykind – and the only service in the temple will be that of Song and Spices!
    This year I had ‘Beetroot and Rice’ on my Sader plate instead of a shankbone – See Talmud – Mas. Pesachim 114b.
    “What are the two dishes?-Said R. Huna: Beet and rice. Raba used to be particular for beet and rice, since it had [thus] issued from the mouth of R. Huna. R. Ashi said: From R. Huna you may infer that none pay heed to the following [ruling] of R. Johanan b. Nuri. For it was taught, R. Johanan b. Nuri said: Rice is a species of corn and kareth is incurred for [eating it in] its leavened state, and a man discharges his duty with it on Passover. Hezekiah said: Even a fish and the egg on it. R. Joseph said: Two kinds of meat are necessary, one in memory of the Passover-offering and the second in memory of the hagigah. Rabina said: Even a bone and [its] broth.”

  3. With all due respect, the basic (or one basic) article of faith of such movements like Jews for Jesus and Messianic Jews is the acceptance of Jesus’ alleged status as the “Son of God” or Messiah and so forth and this cannot be squared with Judaism’s basic article of faith stating God’s oneness.

  4. The concept of one God in three persons can be understood by inspecting an egg. Yolk+egg white+shell = one egg. Hope that helps?

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