Terror Attack In Shomron – 4 Dead

The bomber blew himself up at the entrance to the settlement of Kedumim, killing himself and 4 Israeli civillians (including a teenager). The terrorist disguised himself as a Hasidic Jewish hitchiker and was graciously picked up by a car full of Jews being nice. Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades has taken credit for the attack. Full Story

4 thoughts on “Terror Attack In Shomron – 4 Dead

  1. Well Jewschoolers, the terror eventually had to hit home. One of the murdered Israelis was my mother’s first cousin, Rafi HaLevy Z”L. He and his wife were killed, and left behind four children. Rafi’s mother, my grandfather’s sister, was born in Tzefat to the city’s head Rabbi. He was a 13th generation Israeli.
    I’ll try to blog about this later, but I’m still a bit shocked.

  2. Ronen – I, too, offer my condolences and sympathies. And clearly, they were kind and warm people, as well.
    It’s tragic that their light in the world should be lost.
    And I suppose maybe it’s to be expected from a “by-any-means-necessary” wacko, but I’m honestly stunned that even a hardcore terrorist would take advantage of human generosity in this way.

  3. Noach why would you be stunned? if their aim is to kill jews, theyre going to kill jews, whether or not a jew gives them a lift.
    RIP to another four victims in all this bullshit.

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