2 thoughts on “Terrorist Harbor

  1. from the article:
    Running as an independent, Ashqar says he wants to democratize the Palestinian Authority.
    “I am talking about real change,” he explained. “Actual separation of powers between the executive, legislative and judiciary. Financial transparency. And the domination of law and order, not just allowing the security forces to run the daily lives of the Palestinian people.”
    “Living here, I learned a lot about freedom of the press, full expression and civil rights. … Also I appreciate and would like to bring to the Palestinians reform of education, health care, social services and a free economy.”
    that sounds good to me.. sounds like exactly what lots of people in the west have been calling for

  2. I think the only thing this savage learned here is how to say the words that will have the gullible and the left-wing gushing about how moderate and wonderful he is.
    John Brown, try to be at least equally skeptical when a terrorist speaks as when an Israeli or American government official speaks.

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