Thank God For The Onion

RAMALLAH, WEST BANK—After his militant Islamic party took the majority in Palestine’s recent elections, Ismail Haniyeh called for a “giant summit with all living Israelis” Monday, rekindling international hopes for peace in the war-torn region.
Haniyeh characterized the one-day summit as “the final solution to the Israeli-Palestinian dispute,” and invited every Jewish citizen of the world to attend. Haniyeh said he expects more than 5 million participants from Israel alone.

Of course, if this were a real story, the EU would be the loudest voice insisting Israel’s cooperation…
Full piece.

2 thoughts on “Thank God For The Onion

  1. Great piece. Looks like the Onion understands the Middle East better than the Left-most half of Israel. But I would expect no less from America’s finest news source. I especially appreciated the end of the piece-
    “No official response to Hamas’ summit proposal has yet been made. However, it is widely believed that acting Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and his cabinet will propose an alternative mass summit to which Hamas party officials and their Palestinian supporters will be similarly welcomed.”
    Note the lack of phony equivalence – the Israeli proposal extends only to Hamas and its supporters, not the whole population.

  2. I appreciate J’s pointing out that there’s no “phony equivalence”…when I read the story quickly I didn’t pick up the subtle difference between Israel’s proposal–to destroy Hamas & its supporters — vs. Hamas’ desire “laakor et hakol” to quote the Hagaddah. thanks, allen

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