7 thoughts on “That’s gotta hurt…

  1. Uh. It only took him seven strips to resort to circumsision humor. Not a good sign. Though I have found it to be mildly amusing so far.

  2. I’m not saying the cartoons aren’t funny. I’m basing my knowledge off of what’s in the archive on his website that is linked from this one. Crimper is the seventh cartoon. I feel that many Jewishly oriented comedians resort too quickly to circumsion humor. I did not mean to offend.

  3. Also, not to nitpick, but on his very funny Conservative strip’s page, he has a link to a site http://tinylink.com/?BNYR6DPtCa) that states categorically that you cannot drive to shul on shabbos, then implicitly questions the religious credibility of those who do. As a Conservative Jew (who doesn’t drive at all), and more especially a pluralist, I am bothered that that’s the only link he chose to put. But more importantly, it does not help explain the joke, as many of the links do.
    Please do not construe this as in any way asking you to stop running the comic. I find it very funny.

  4. What’s with the bee in your bonnet? True, it doesn’t seem to make sense, but you’re going to get offended by somebody posting a halacha? I’m an Orthodox Jew, and I’m with them on that. I’m not going to get into an argument on it, but if you want to drive, don’t make a big deal about it. Jeez, you even say you don’t drive!

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