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That's My Guy!

Yeah I’m embarrassed. I wear a black hat. If the press were to characterize me, they’d get all confused about whether to call me Orthodox Jew, Ultra-Orthodox, Chasidic. And I’ve got a black raincoat with a lining and belt. So that pic of Jack Abramoff makes me wonder how my guys – the Chosen People, the people of the book, the community of obssessive legalists can get pied in the face time after time. What are we doing wrong?

I can’t say that I know. Actually if I were to post my thoughts on this it would turn into a book so I’ll put that aside for now. But man am I embarrassed. At least there aren’t Orthodox rabbis involved in public sex scandals. Oh wait. Darn!

I came across this list of Business Ethics websites here and figured I’d snatch it:

Even if many others aren’t observing the Torah, we can at least use it as a goal we can aspire to. Let the crooks be crooks but you and me can do the right thing.

One thought on “That's My Guy!

  1. The Business Ethics guys give me the creeps. I now have a guilt-trip if I use the photocopy machine or printer at work.

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