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That's What "Gay Genocide" Means?!

A few months back, walking to meet a friend, I overheard a snippet of a conversation. It was so bizarre that I not only remembered it, I pulled out my iPhone and submitted it to Overheard. Once I met my friend, I told it to her, and we tried to parse its meaning. And failed. Our theories had us laughing, but none were plausible. I eventually forgot about the chat, until I spotted it on Overheard in NY this week:

16-year old girl #1: I want to find out more about gay genocide.
16-year old girl #2: Huh?
16-year old girl #1: You know, what the Jews wear… And baby Hitler.

Anyone want to try to figure out what it means? The best theory, chosen by me, will win a prize.

8 thoughts on “That's What "Gay Genocide" Means?!

  1. How about the Holocaust, we gays included in the varied racial and religious genocides by Hitler? Did they wear yellow stars, like the Jews, or pink triangles? Is Hitler crazy, was he beaten as a child?

  2. I think it’s referring to the gay genocide in Uganda. Maybe the stuff that Jews wear is confused with Darfur and is subject to the whole “Africa is a country” plague in our society? that theory is thrown out the window with the baby hitler reference, that’s just confusing.

  3. I think this is a case of a mishearing, at least that is the best I can figure: the confusing “what jews wear” is probably “what jews where”, as in Jews had a genocide committed upon them. The “baby hitler” is more than likely “maybe Hitler”, expressing a desire to learn more about him alongside learning about genocide. You’ve got me on Gay genocide though, unless she is referring to the Africa jazz.

  4. While I agree with the theory that “baby hitler” was probably “maybe hitelr” I am glad that I had the occasion to google “baby hitler.” Lots of image hits.

  5. Sorry, folks, I have to throw out the misheard theory. The snippet I submitted to Overheard was several lines longer; they chopped it down to this. “Baby Hitler” was used at least twice.

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