The Book Of Madonna Esther

Someone must have tipped off the material girl that her name wasn’t exaclty a Jewish one befitting a member of the faith (albeit the hollywood fadded “Kabballah Religion.” Hence, she has taken on the Jewish name of “Esther.” She believes that changing her name will ward off “bad vibes” since she is named for her mother who died young from illness. Ayin Hara? Well, she does wear the red bendel…

9 thoughts on “The Book Of Madonna Esther

  1. I have been a fan of Esther for 20+ years. I am a 40 something fan.
    But look, she has been “chinese”, “indian”, “spanish”, “nude”, “art deco”…now she is “jewish”. Give it a few years and she will re-invent herself into…”arabic” maybe.
    Maybe she will find her true self one day. Kabalah has really gone from an interesting study to a joke thanks to the celebs. All the Seniors in my area are now “taking classes” in it….
    When Esther converts in the Mikvah, when Ashton is clipped in the Jewish way, then we can welcome them into the tribe.

  2. Let’s keep in mind Esther herself used her Persian name “Esther” (meaning “hidden” if you try to interpret in Hebrew) instead her original Hebrew name “Hadassah” (meaning flowering myrtle) so her name wouldn’t sound Jewish when appealing to become queen.
    So, while it may be common today as a Hebrew/Jewish name, it’s origin, at least according to the “Book of Esther” itself, is Persian and not Jewish.
    (see Esther 2:7)

  3. As an “original,” I must point out that this is clear, unbridled jealousy on Madge’s part: she has undoubtedly heard tell of my killer karaoke rendition of “Like a Prayer,” and has thusly decided to become my “wannabe.”
    It’s all very flattering, but really..she has to know that she can be her own person without coopting my name. Maybe she’ll finally deign to read the letters I’ve written to her and posted on my blog.

  4. A woman convert at our shul who only converted so she could eat the free Oneg food gave herself the name “Malka Esther”. Everytime we see her we wonder if we should bow….Esther is one thing but to be so hoity to give your name Queen too! Latifa is ok, not Esther!

  5. I, too remember that this story surfaced before, but Madonna hadn’t really commented on the reasoning other than that it was her “Kabbalah name,” a concept that I had never heard of before. Now she’s talking, and talking big and everywhere, about attaching herself to the energy of a new name, etc…
    Undoubtedly, the timing of the media blitz happening during her tour, and her arrival in NYC, is not an accident.

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