The Double Standard

I wonder… When If a Hillel representative writes wrote something like this on a Hillel-operated website, are could they be considered to be speaking in their official capacity as a member of that organization? Cuz, uh, while this may not be a letter to the Israeli Embassy, it sure reeks of the same sort of “inappropriate behavior” unbecoming of a person in a “leadership position” that Jilian Redford got her “ass handed to [her]” for.

I have to wonder if the “Dave” who authored this piece is David Hertz, the Israel Chair for Montreal Hillel, and if so, what that says would say about Hillel’s apparent practices of selective enforcement… (It’s not. It’s this guy.)

[Update] Either their site is broken or they pulled the post. Lucky for them I forgot to take the screenshot I was gonna take before I closed the window. Let’s just say they post wasn’t very kind to our friend Asaf… The site’s back up. The remarks were made in a public message forum (which I hadn’t noticed earlier) and were written by a person who, while apparently employed by Hillel to build their website, is not a member nor an official with the organization itself. Gotta stop with this “blog first, think about it later” approach…

6 thoughts on “The Double Standard

  1. Regarding the Quote: “I wonder… When a Hillel representative writes something like this on a Hillel-operated website, are they speaking in their official capacity as a member of that organization?”
    First of all, I know the “Dave” that posted the comment in question. I’d like to confirm to you that he DOES NOT represent Hillel or it’s views in any way. He is however a member of Montreal’s Jewish community and as a free citizen in a democratic country, he has the right to express himself and his personal views. And that’s exactly what he did. So what’s your stinking problem?
    In case you haven’t noticed, the first thing on Hillel Interactive’s website declares, “Hillel Interactive is designed to be a user-driven Web site…” (Not a reflection of Hillel’s views). It also states “…we have a forum where anyone, registered or unregistered may post a comment or message…” Tell me, can you read? Or does someone have to call you and explain the concept of a message board to you?
    If you or anyone would like to learn about Hillel’s official agenda you are welcomed to visit http://www.Hillel.ca where the humbly devoted staff manages the content. Did you even bother to visit that site? You can’t say you didn’t see it because there’s a link to it on every page of the site you are currently referring to (www.hillel.montreal.qc.ca). I hope you’re not aspiring to go into journalism because you have an incredible knack for misconstruing the facts and skipping some important information. Al-Jazeera loves people like you. Always trying to confuse and upset the masses with your tidbits of senseless babble. May I suggest a visit to your obstetrician because you seem a little short-sighted to me.
    You also said “Cuz, uh, while this may not be a letter to the Israeli Embassy, it sure reeks of the same sort of “inappropriate behavior” unbecoming of a person in a “leadership position”.
    I say: Inappropriate behavior??? Bull*#!^. “Dave” had something to say and spoke to his community in an open manner. He is being honest in his views and seeks the community’s feedback. Jilian Redford kept secret her real views from the community and sent a hardcore letter to the Israeli embassy without any consideration to her peers, her fellow students or her community. So what’s inappropriate I ask?
    Lastly, you wouldn’t recognize a leader if it fell on your face and sang the national anthem. It looks like all your concerned about is creating hype and using 90s jargon like “reeks” in order to sound concerned or involved. Stop judging books by their cover and good luck with your future endeavors.
    Just for the record, I am an active member of the Jewish community who is not affiliated with Hillel or any other “official” voice. So Please don’t try to interpret this message as something it’s not. I’m just expressing my views in a public forum and giving you my 2 shekels. You narrow-minded whiner.
    Love Gali,

  2. for the record, i got to that post through my referral logs, not through browsing hillel’s site. when i’d first seen it, i thought it was part of the homepage newsfeed and not part of the bulletin boards.
    as for the rest of your points, see my response beneath dave’s original post.

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