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The end of Cannabis Chassidis.

Cannabis chassidis is about to retire, as I’m pretty sure I’ve said
most of what I want to say with it. I’m probably going to keep writing
something somewhere else, but before it folds: Is there anything that
still needs to be explored on it? I’ve taken the questions of religion
and drugs as far as I think I can without getting redundant too often,
but if there’s anything else anyone wants explored there, post a
comment on www. I’ll do one more big
post in a month or so based on whatever feedback I get, and then one
more after that to tie it all together.
Otherwise, feel free to rifle the archives, they should be up for at
least a little bit longer, and if you want, feel free to save, print
them out, and translate or distribute the Torah there as needed. I’m
commenting here now and again, and also on this one raw, unkempt blog
called, amongst others as needed.
Zai Gezunt, happy redemption, and Stay High.
—Yoseph Leib

5 thoughts on “The end of Cannabis Chassidis.

  1. C’mon Yoseph, you’re not gonna keep blogging? Not all your posts are about drugs and even when they are they’re rarely JUST about drugs.
    I mean, you’re style man. You’re writing style. It’s awesome. You’re like a chassidishe Kerouac.
    Hopefully one of these our paths will cross and I’ll get to talk Torah with you face to face.

  2. I can’t imagine stopping blogging, just moving on to some different outlets and frameworks. I know it hasn’t always been about drugs, but I have felt some kinda internal pressure to tie it back in to the titular topic, and really, who needs that?

  3. Where else is there a place to find that kinda torah? At least keep the site up for those that havent seen it yet.
    I hate endings.

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