22 thoughts on “The First Annoying Vegan

  1. I find the cartoon kinda offensive. Whatever we think of vegans, they have a right to see Israel as the land of Soy Milk and Date Honey

  2. You beat me to the “date honey”
    but I can add in that that the Halav could also be referring to a milky substance from almonds or wheat.
    It also could simply be referring to the Fat of the Land
    Eretz Zavat Halav U’Dvash – now certified for vegans

  3. And what makes a vegan annoying? When they get us to think about important ethical issues and how they relate to the way that we live our lives? It’s the oldest trick in the book to “make fun” of someone who challenges commonly held beliefs, so not to deal with the issues being discussed. Jewish vegans are living to the highest of religious and ethical standards–it is not about bee legs and goat udders. Although still funny….

  4. yes – date honey – bees weren’t domesticated until the 4th century CE….
    anyone have any good almond milk recipes? i heard you can make it with almond and dates and it’s kosher for passover! (i’m actually toallky serious here)

  5. yeah, milk definitely seems more to me to want to be Wheat milk, because they talk about cream of wheat all throughout the bible
    (cheilev chitim Yasbiyaich.)
    They had cattle in the desert, so why would they be excited abo0ut the land of cow milk to come? It’s the stability of a Land with wheat and stuff growing on it that was the desert nomad dream, not more cheese from the mill. and the proof is that there are special blessings over wheat and dates, but not one, either before or after the “meal” for dairy. so ha, silly, decedant non-vegans!

  6. one time i overanalyzed a calvin and hobbes that brought me to a really deep understanding of childhood and power structures and indoctri…. and then i drank some rice milk…and i didn’t have a date for like years… what time is it?

  7. I don’t think vegans are annoying because they want us to be aware of animal suffering etc., I just think they’re a pain in the tuches to cook for.

  8. Speaking of annoying…
    This thread.
    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to hump a sex doll made of tofu.
    Is that wrong?

  9. Which is why nice vegans offer to bring something. (And then everyone eats it all up, with shock and amazement.)

  10. Yosef Leib wrote:
    cheilev chitim Yasbiyaich.
    Which brings up an interesting point – this isn’t milk, but fat – take it and run with it folks….

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