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The future is plastics

World Vision Report notes this week that the economic recession here in the US has had an unexpected effect – less funding of kollel in Israel. And the result? well, someone’s gotta pay for those 72 pack of diapers. Women who have not worked are going out ot work. They are learning skills which they can turn towards business while their husbands remain in kollel “with a clean heart” studying.
They are learning from women who dress like they do, in places approved by their rabbis.
They are going out to work and saying that they feel needed, that they take pride in their work.
I suppose I don’t need to say….it’ s hard to get women to give up those manufacturing jobs once the men get home from the war and want them back. Oh, oops, wrong country.
But, you know… what are you going to do with all those women, once they think that they matter too….
Marx was right about one thing… equality is all about money.
BTW, I’m going to say… the slideshow only has a few pictures of hareidi women working (although a few of them are of the photographer mentioned in the audio article). Not all that interesting if you’re familiar with the ultra-orthodox of Israel in any way.

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